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Fog-Free Magnetic Merino Wool Facemasks and Balaclavas

Innovative, sustainable, natural and versatile - merino wool face masks and  balaclavas are for winters full of adventure, the North45 Face Mask and North45 Balaclavas are reliable choices to keep you fog-free and (of course) warm in even the most frigid conditions.
Our unique 2-piece design has been engineered with an optimal distance between your mouth and the fabric. This gap is designed to evacuate your hot breath from underneath always keeping your goggles fog-free. This design also eliminates moisture and freezing in your face mask. 
Snap it up into place with our integrated magnet attachment, this allows for easy placement and keeps your nose + cheeks properly covered. Updated with our highly breathable 100% Merino fabric and Merino blend that are soft, eco-friendly, and freeze-eliminating.
The North45 Face Mask and Balaclavas are as comfortable as they are useful. Most of the time you won't even notice that you're wearing them.

New Overlapping 2 Piece-Design