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How To & Care Instructions

How to Install The Magnet (Anti-fog Magnetic Balaclava)

Important: allow 24 hours after installing before use.

  1. Clean your goggles
    Wipe the nose bridge using a microfibre cloth & isopropyl alcohol. Allow it to dry completely.

  2. Apply adhesive
    Take about 1/8” of Sugru adhesive (included with your mask). Roll it between your fingers for 30 seconds. Apply it to the outer edge of your goggles’ nose bridge, moulding it to the frame.

  3. Install magnet
    Place the magnet (included with your mask) firmly in the centre of the Sugru.
    Allow 24 hours for it to set, and then say goodbye to fog.

How To Wear Your Balaclava With A Helmet

  1. Put on your North45 Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava.
  2. Put on your helmet.
  3. Tie the helmet strap over the first (innermost) layer of your balaclava.
  4. Adjust balaclava over your helmet and chin straps, covering any exposed areas.
  5. For an even better fit, adjust the strap at the back of your balaclava.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in cold water with mild, natural detergent. Lay flat to dry.

Important: your Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava contains a magnet. To avoid damage to your product or your washing machine, please do not machine wash.