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Anti-Fog Magnetic Facemask

$74.95 CAD

Best For: Resort Skiing, Resort Snowboarding, Fat-Biking (with goggles)

If you don't love full-face balaclavas, our Anti-Fog Magnetic Face Mask is for you. Just like our Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava, our Anti-Fog Magnetic Face Mask features our signature 2-piece design. It includes a built-in magnet attachment, an additional magnet and magnet adhesive, to be applied to your ski goggles.

Lightweight (170gsm)
70% tencel, 30% merino blend
32°F to 5°F (0°C to -10°C)

Midweight (240gsm)
70% tencel, 30% merino blend
23°F to -4°F (-5°C to - 20°C)

Heavyweight (270gsm)
100% merino
5°F to -40°F (-15°C to -40°C)

Comes with Spare Goggle Attachment Kit (2 magnets + black Sugru) for installation on 2 sets of ski goggles.

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.
As this facemask is magnetic, please do not machine-wash this product.

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The original anti-fog facemask.

Launched on Kickstarter in 2013, North45 was the first magnetic facemask to offer a perfect fit with your goggles.

Anti-fog Design

Engineered from the ground-up to eliminate goggle fog, our facemasks are the only reliable solution to provide you both warmth and clear vision.

Our two-piece, open-air design keeps the fabric away from your face, diverting hot breath down and away from your goggles while allowing the ambient air to whisk away humidity accumulation.

A Perfect (Magnetic) Fit

Easily snap-up (or un-snap) the facemask to your googles to get full-face coverage. No more taking off your gloves to re-adjust your face cover — with North45, you can keep your face and hands warm.

Install our universal magnetic attachment to your goggles to make them compatible with our magnetic facemask.

*Comes with 2 magnets for those with more than one set of goggles.

Merino Wool, Unparalleled Comfort

Like our entire line of headgear, this facemask is made from the highest quality Merino Wool to ensure unparalleled warmth and comfort (it's super soft) — most of the time, you won't even notice that you're wearing one.

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