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How To Keep Your Goggles Fog Free

You wake up to a fresh layer of snow on the ground and you’re ecstatic to hit the slopes. You rush to the mountain to grab the first chair. After a couple of runs into a blissful powder day, your goggles fog up and you can’t see a thing! The second you take them off and rest them on your helmet, the cold air is plowing into your face. Worst. Feeling. Ever. It’s a feeling we all know a little too well.

The Problem

The most common problem with facemasks on the market is that they rest directly on your face and mouth, which leads them to trap humidity. Most people stuff their face mask under the foam of their goggles. As you breathe into the mask, hot air circulates in between the material and the skin, which causes condensation and, evidently, leads to foggy goggles (no thank you). Many resort to splurging $300 on goggles that offer X/Y ventilation, such as, the Smith I/O. However, the root of the problem is your face mask/balaclava.

As a group of passionate skiers and snowboarders, we decided to put our minds to the test and find a fool-proof solution. We knew that there had to be a better and hassle-free way to enjoy winter sports. After a couple of years of research and development, we hit the jackpot – North45 happily reinvented the face mask!

With innovative thinking, North45 introduced the first ever overlapping two-piece design, which includes a built-in magnet to ensure a perfect fit, and most importantly, keep your goggles fog free. If you’re looking to change your outdoor winter experience, invest in a North45 cold weather face mask, which is guaranteed to not only keep your goggles fog free, but also keeps you warm. At only $60 - $70 a piece, your face and your wallet will thank you.

The North45 Solution Explained

Our Merino wool face mask offers maximum comfort and breathability. The two-piece design creates an exit for the hot humid air that is produced every time you exhale. Therefore, your face remains protected from the cold air while the humidity escapes, which equals to fog-free goggles. Moreover, our integrated magnet attachment allows for easy placement, and keeps your nose and cheeks properly covered, allowing you to breathe freely and enjoy the outdoors comfortably. The attachment stays in place during rigorous winter activities but remains easy to snap off and back on as many times as you wish.  If you need more protection, you can opt for our balaclava, which carries the same two-piece design (demonstrated below).

Furthermore, all of our masks and balaclavas are made out of premium quality merino wool. This luxurious and practical fibre originates from a breed of sheep that is highly praised for its soft and finely crimped wool. Basically, the diameter of Merino wool is much finer than regular wool, which is why it's so soft (and itch-free, woo!). Merino wool offers impressive warmth, antibacterial and moisture wicking capabilities. The benefits of this material don’t stop there, it also regulates body temperature, which means it releases warmth as needed and cools you down when you become overheated. You'll have guaranteed protection and comfort for your outdoor activities. 

We promise you that nothing else compares. Say goodbye to unpleasant goggle fog and hello to clear vision: shop the original anti-fog facemask.