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Anti-Fog SureFit Balaclava


Best For: Ski Touring, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Climbing, Winter Running/Hiking, Fat Biking, Construction Work

Compatible both with and without ski goggles, the Anti-Fog SureFit Balaclava was designed to offer a non-magnetic option for those who prefer a magnet-free mask, or for activities where ski goggles are not required. This is also ideal for those who need to wear safety glasses, sport glasses or prescription glasses instead of ski goggles.

Featuring a mouldable nose bridge, the SureFit can be adapted to fit your face whilst still keeping your eyewear fog-free, thanks to our 2-piece design. 

Avalanche Safety Information

The SureFit is the most ideal option for those who frequently adventure in the backcountry, as the SureFit does not come with any magnets that may interfere with avalanche safety technology (such as beacons and transceivers).

Midweight (240gsm)
100% merino wool
23°F to -4°F (-5°C to - 20°C)

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

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Never choose between comfort, warmth and clear vision.

How does it work?

Our unique 2-layer design ensures humidity stays out of eyewear, keeping vision crystal clear.

Never compromise safety for comfort and clear vision with a North45 balaclava.

Functional Merino

Renowned for its unparalleled warmth and function as a technical outdoor material, merino wool is naturally temperature regulating and moisture-wicking. As an organic fibre, merino wool is fire-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Merino wool keeps you warm and comfortable in a variety of conditions, from mild to extreme.

Adaptable fit, tight seal

Similar to surgical face masks, our balaclavas have an integrated & flexible aluminium strip, allowing adjustment to create the perfect fit whilst enabling full-facial coverage and an effective seal against the cheeks.

This also prevents air from rising up onto your goggles, leaving you with clear, fog-free vision.

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