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Magnetic facemask
Launched on Kickstarter in 2013, North45 was the first magnetic facemask to offer a perfect fit with your goggles. Learn more on why we are still the best offer on the market.
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Woolmark Certified
All of our products are Woolmark certified. North45 has your best health in mind and that's why we only source top quality materials.
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anti-fog Technology

Engineered to eliminate goggle fog. Our unique blend of merino fabrics, 2-layer design and integrated magnet ensures that humidity stays out of your goggles, keeping your vision crystal clear

Client Testimonials

"I used this balaclava for a good portion of a grueling 15 hour ride as part of a fatbike race. It worked perfectly shielding me from the cold and wind while allowing me to breathe freely as well as easily eat and drink on the bike. I really enjoy this balaclava and appreciate the levels of support and customer service I've received since buying it. I'll be coming back for more stuff in the future and have been letting all my friends know all about North45"

Daniel Leblanc

Thanks North45 for making such a great product. Haven't had an issue with foggy or iced up goggles since I started using your mask.


This race is what made me fall in love with the North45 mask. I won because of the mask..... it was a blizzard with horrible winds, frigid wind chills and -11 Fahrenheit actual temp. I was able to stay warm, zero goggle fog and breathe freely, while at a race pace!!!! A true advantage to breathe easily, see and maintain a race pace 🙂 awesome product for fatbike racing!!!! Thank you!!!

Marcus Steele

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“I’ve had issues with this with my other mask freezing solid after breathing into it and creating condensation, so I was really hoping that this one wouldn’t do it. And it didn’t disappoint! No freezing!"

Snowboarding Profiles North45 Face Mask And Balaclava Reviews
Snowboarding Profiles

“The rugged merino wool facemask by North45 ain’t no flimsy poly necktube. The unique design and weight will keep white patches off your cheeks and nose on a frigid February run-out—and, equally important, prevent your goggles from fogging up. Its double design allows moisture to escape between the two pieces.”

Ski Canada Magazine - North45 Face Mask Recommendation
Ski Canada Magazine

“I recently tried the North45 out on a couple of fairly frigid fatbike rides, and it worked like a charm."

New Atlas North45 Face Mask And Balaclava Reviews
New Atlas