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Say goodbye to fog

Our magnetic, anti-fog face mask is here. See it all

Anti-fog innovation

Engineered to eliminate eyewear fog. Our 2-layer design, integrated magnet and unique blend of merino fabrics ensures that humidity stays out of your lenses, keeping your vision crystal clear, whether you’re on the ski hills or at a job site.

How It Works

Stay warm, naturally

Our products use merino wool, one of the most sustainable, low-impact fibres on the market. Our merino wool is WoolMark Certified, meaning the merino we use has been responsibly sourced.

Learn About Merino
Tried & tested in the rockies.

Based in the Canadian Rockies, we know a thing or two about the cold. We are passionate about getting outside, be it -40ºC or -5ºC, so you can trust that we've put our anti-fog balaclavas to the test in the most extreme conditions.

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