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What's So Special About Merino Wool?

Imagine this: an item of clothing that you can use year round for your outdoor activities. Trust us, it’s possible. Your performance and comfort no longer need to be compromised and can finally complement each other. The secret lies within the power of merino wool. 

Why We First Started With Merino Wool

Our humble beginnings link back to our facemask: the base of our brand. With innovative thinking, North45 introduced the first ever overlapping two-piece design, which includes a built-in magnet to ensure a perfect fit to keep you warm and dry while eliminating fog from your goggles. Combine our one-of-a-kind technology with merino wool and you’ve got an all-star product.  

You can read more about how our mask works here.  

Fast forward a few years and we’ve been able to expand our product line while keeping merino wool at the forefront. It can be the source of any garment! The convenience of merino wool is unparalleled to synthetic materials in the activewear market. You can reap its benefits through various needs, stages, and seasons of your active lifestyle, whether it’s hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter.

The Merino Wool Solution

The material we sourced played an important role in developing our unique goggle fog-free technology. Merino wool is one of the most sought-after materials in the outdoor gear world and it aligned perfectly with what we wanted to accomplish with North45.

This luxurious and practical fibre originates from a breed of sheep that is highly praised for its soft and finely crimped wool. The diameter of Merino wool is much finer than regular wool, which is why it's so soft and itch-free. To put things into perspective, it’s about three times finer than human hair. 

Thermo Regulation

Merino is an incredibly lightweight material which easily adapts to both sides of the temperature spectrum. This all-star fiber can easily withstand temperatures ranging from -20 C° to 35 C°. Therefore, you can consistently stay comfortable between varying exertion levels rather than going through hot or cold spells. 


Merino wool absorbs any moisture created as it then evaporates out of the fabric into the atmosphere. This allows for maximum comfort during your activity of choice. 

Anti-bacterial & Odour-resistant

Merino wool is one of the most effective fibres when it comes to battling unpleasant odours. It’s normal to sweat after a day of outdoor activities, but no one likes the smell that comes with it. Odour molecules are trapped by the merino fibre and are therefore less readily detected by the human nose.  


Many textiles are made from non-biodegradable materials. To put things into perspective, North Americans send 9.5 million tonnes of clothing to landfill every year. Using a biodegradable fibre like Merino wool allows you to reduce textile waste. We’re all consumers and it’s important for us to make educated purchase decisions that can minimize our carbon footprint. The planet is in a dire state and any amount of effort counts. 

UV Resistant

Merino naturally blocks UVA and UVB rays without additional fabric treatment. Therefore, no harsh chemicals will be rubbing against your skin and you will remain protected from the sun (because yes, sunburns can happen in the winter). 

We look forward to seeing you enjoy the outdoors for as long as you want with maximum comfort. It’s finally time to enjoy those active days to the fullest!