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Terrasse Merino Beanie

$59.95 CAD
Adorned with unique mountain contour patterns, the Terrasse Merino Beanie beautifully captures the essence of vivid alpine sunsets and rich, earthy terrains. Meticulously crafted from 100% natural Merino wool, it’s durable enough to be a resilient companion on your wildest adventures while also standing as a conscious choice for sustainability, making it both a practical and fashionable addition to any adventurer’s wardrobe.

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.


Temperature Regulation

Tailored with the active adventurer in mind, the Terrasse Merino Beanie is a versatile companion for any energetic mountain pursuit.

Adapting to the dynamic conditions of backcountry adventures, the natural wool fibres are fine-tuned to your body's requirements, delivering the ideal balance of warmth without causing you to overheat.

By avoiding constant layer changes, you can focus on enjoying the ride in comfort. 

Green Innovation In Every Stitch

Crafted with 100% merino wool, our beanies offer unparalleled softness ensuring comfort throughout your mountain escapades. With merino wool’s inherent UV resistance, anti-bacterial and odour-resistant qualities, our beanies set the standard for effective technical headwear without relying on synthetic enhancements.

From its sustainably sourced merino wool to its long-lasting, biodegradable composition, this beanie is designed to endure countless adventures while ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. When it finally reaches the end of its journey, each beanie will break down quickly, leaving no lasting impact on landfills, in line with our commitment to a healthier planet.

Slim Fit Design

Featuring a sleek, slim-fit design, the Terrasse Merino Beanie is ideal for wearing underneath a helmet or for those who simply prefer a more streamlined style. The refined look complements any choice of outdoor attire and embodies the fusion of functionality and elegance, making it a versatile addition to your alpine wardrobe.