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SureFit Anti-Fog Fire-Resistant Balaclava

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North45's Sure Fit balaclava is designed specifically to keep the fog-free aspects of our original design, but tailored to be worn with glasses or sunglasses.


  • BEST FOR:  Individuals who work outdoors or enjoy outdoor activities (can be used with or without eyewear)
  • FEATURES:  An Integrated Nose Piece which moulds perfectly to your nose,  maintaining our unique 2-piece design 
    • BENEFITS: Elimination of fog for users wearing Safety Glasses, Sport Glasses, and Eye Glasses. This product provides extreme warmth, breathability, is odour resistant and antimicrobial
        The North45 Balaclava is the only reliable choice to keep you fog-free and (of course) warm in even the most frigid conditions.
        - Our unique 2-piece design has been engineered to leave a distance between your mouth and the fabric; This gap is designed to evacuate your hot breath from underneath keeping your glasses fog-free.
        - This design also reduces moisture and freezing in your balaclava. 
        - Non-magnetic design engineered to keep the fog-free aspects of our original design but tailored to use with glasses / sunglasses.
        With our highly breathable 100% Merino Wool fabric that is soft, eco-friendly, and temperature regulating and highly wicking.
        This North45 Balaclava is as comfortable as it is useful. Most of the time you won't even notice that you're wearing one.


        • FABRIC: 100% Merino Wool
        • FABRIC WEIGHT: 240 gsm -  Midweight
        • Flatlock Seam

        Washing instructions : Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

        Midweight (240gsm)
        100% merino wool
        23°F to -4°F (-5°C to - 20°C)

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        Ensure your workers never have to choose between safety, warmth and clear vision.

        How does it work?

        Our unique 2-layer design ensures humidity stays out of eyewear, keeping vision crystal clear.

        Never compromise safety for comfort and clear vision with a North45 balaclava.

        Functional Merino

        Renowned for its unparalleled warmth and function as a technical outdoor material, merino wool is naturally temperature regulating and moisture-wicking. As an organic fibre, merino wool is fire-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

        Merino wool keeps workers warm and comfortable in a variety of conditions, from mild to extreme.

        Adaptable fit, tight seal

        Similar to surgical face masks, our balaclavas have an integrated & flexible aluminium strip, allowing adjustment to create the perfect fit whilst enabling full-facial coverage and an effective seal against the cheeks.

        This also prevents air from rising up onto safety glasses, leaving the wearer with clear, fog-free vision.