North45 Facemask
North45 Facemask
North45 Facemask
North45 Facemask

North45 Facemask

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You know what's sh*tty about regular facemasks? They fog your goggles. Not to mention, they never cover your cheeks properly. It doesn't even stop there. They're also ugly! What fun is that? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. 

You know what is fun?  NO GOGGLE FOG - A  facemask that just easily snaps on and off your googles, covering your cheeks properly every time.... with NO GOGGLE FOG! North45 does facemasks right. You don't have to put up with sh*tty facemasks anymore. Ever.

This is how we do it:
- Overlapping 2-piece design allows your hot breath to escape from underneath. This  eliminates goggle-fog, moisture and freezing.
- Our scarves are hand made using merino wool, the warmest & most sought after material in outerwear
- Each North45 scarf is 100% Canadian-made here in Montreal
- The integrated magnet snaps up to any set of goggles. Easily. With or without your gloves on. 
Order now to stay warm and fog-free on your next outing at the hill!
"I tried North45 on a big powder day - I rode without any goggle fog and my facemask didn't freeze up. I've been a rider for the North45 team since.'' - Jeremy Cloutier, Pro-snowboarder

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