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Our New Balaclava Design

No Goggles Required

Our first non-magnetic balaclava uses an integrated mouldable nose piece to keep cold air from getting in. It is specifically designed to keep the fog-free aspects of our original design but tailored to be worn with glasses or sunglasses. As a result they work better for casual use or individuals who don't use goggles for winter sports.

Not Just for sports

Without the need for goggles, these masks can be worn for long hours and keep you warm in every-day circumstances. If you're not going skiing, these masks are great for those who work outside all day. Heavy breathing from hard work leads to moisture building up quickly in normal masks but, with our unique design air is able to escape the bottom of the mask along with any moisture so you stay dry and keep your glasses fog free.

What else is special about it?

Still featuring our signature Merino Wool formula, the extremely soft mask wicks away moisture and keeps you warm in the toughest of conditions. This North45 Balaclava is as comfortable as it is useful. Most of the time you won't even notice that you're wearing one.

Sold out

"I must say this is my favorite new piece of clothing from North45. Normally if I ride hard enough I'm still able to get a bit of fog on my glasses. With this integrated nose piece I was able to ride 100% fog free. I'm absolutely in love with this thing." - Daniel Leblanc