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Which North45 anti-fog face mask is right for me?

Between our Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava, our Anti-Fog Surefit Balaclava, and our Anti-Fog Magnetic Face Mask, it may be difficult to discern which North45 product is right for you. Read more to understand which product is best for your favourite winter activities before checking out.

Our Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava

Best For: Resort Skiing, Resort Snowboarding, Fat-Biking (with goggles)

The Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava is best for those who are looking for a warm, comfortable mask with full-face coverage for activities that involve ski goggles. Featuring our signature 2-piece design, the Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava includes a built-in magnet attachment, and comes with an additional magnet and magnet adhesive, to be applied to your ski goggles.

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Our Anti-Fog SureFit Balaclava

Best For: Ski Touring, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Climbing, Winter Running/Hiking, Fat Biking, Construction Work

The Anti-Fog SureFit Balaclava is designed for activities that may not require ski goggles, or require the use of specific eyewear such as safety glasses or sport glasses. The SureFit is still compatible with ski goggles, but was designed as a non-magnetic option for activities where goggles are not required, or for those who need to wear prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Featuring a mouldable nose bridge, the SureFit can be adapted to fit your face whilst still keeping your eyewear fog-free, thanks to our 2-piece design. The SureFit is also the most ideal option for those who frequently adventure in the backcountry, as the SureFit does not come with any magnets that may interfere with avalanche safety technology (such as beacons and transceivers).

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Our Anti-Fog Magnetic Face Mask

Best For: Resort Skiing, Resort Snowboarding, Fat Biking (with goggles)

The Anti-Fog Magnetic Face Mask is similar to our Anti-Fog Magnetic Balaclava, but does not provide the same full-head coverage, as it is designed to cover only the lower half of your face. This product is best for those who do not find balaclavas comfortable, or those who want only the lower half of their face covered.

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Lightweight vs. Midweight vs. Heavyweight Fabric

Not all winter days or activities are the same—which is why each of our products has a lightweight, midweight or heavyweight fabric option.

Our lightweight fabric is a tencel/merino blend, and is best for warmer days (0ºC to -10ºC) or high exertion activities such as running or cross-country skiing. 

Our midweight fabric is 100% merino wool, and is best for cold days (anywhere between -10ºC to -20ºC) or activities such as resort skiing, where there is a mix of high exertion, wind factors going downhill, and being completely stationary (such as when you are on the chairlift). Our midweight fabric tends to suit most people, most activities and most winter days.

Our heavyweight fabric is 100% merino wool, and is best for colder to extremely cold days (for -20ºC and below) or activities such as ice climbing or backcountry winter camping.

As with all outdoor clothing & gear that mentions temperature ranges, please bear in mind that temperature regulation differs from person-to-person and as such, temperature ranges should only be used as a guide.

Merino Wool

Naturally moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, anti-microbial, non-toxic, biodegradable and more, merino wool truly is one of the most superior materials for the outdoors. Read more about merino wool here.


Your ideal North45 product will depend on what winter activities you frequently take part in; whether or not you need to wear ski goggles versus other, non-ski specific eyewear, as well as how often you will be out in cold versus extremely cold temperatures. Still need help deciding? Email us: